Members of North Catawba Baptist are part of a unique history. The world is a very different place since the early days of North Catawba Baptist Church. Through the generations of change one constant has remained: Jesus Christ. Our Savior is the thread that runs throughout NCBC's history and the history of the world.

Our Church History
The North Catawba Church, originally in territory bordered on the west and south by the Yadkin Church, was located near the part of Burke County which in 1841 became a part of Caldwell County. In 1859 the church moved just across the county line to be affiliated with the Catawba River Association until September 22, 1957, when the church voted to join the Caldwell Baptist Association. The Catawba River Association met at North Catawba twelve times during the 128 years of its membership. Since 1957, North Catawba has participated as an active member of the Caldwell Baptist Association.
The church received its name from its location on the north side of the Catawba River. North Catawba Baptist Church and community are now located in Burke and Caldwell Counties of North Carolina approximately ten miles east of Morganton and ten miles south of Lenoir.
According to church records, there have been five locations of the church since its relocation to the Burke/Caldwell area. It is said that the Gospel was preached from a huge stump before the first log house (church) was built. The current sanctuary, and the 6th since the founding of the church, was completed in December 1972.
Although 1795 is traditionally cited as North Catawba’s organization date, research has shown that the church was active for at least two decades prior to that. Regardless of when the church was formed, the church has always been about spreading the Gospel as our Lord commanded (Matthew 28:18-20). Today, more than 220 years later, our goal is to share the Gospel as we accomplish the vision God has given to North Catawba Baptist Church. That vision is: Reaching the Lost, Teaching the Disciples, and Serving the World.